Aesthetic Fixed Braces

at West Swindon Orthodontics

Aesthetic Fixed Braces to straighten teeth in Swindon

Fixed braces remain a popular choice to get teeth straightened and that is because they will precisely straighten teeth, giving predictable and outstanding results.

Aesthetic fixed braces work just like traditional fixed braces – they are cemented on to the front of your teeth and are connected by a wire. The difference is that aesthetic fixed braces uses clear brackets instead of metal ones and tooth coloured wire which makes them extremely discreet.


How do aesthetic fixed braces work?

The clear brackets which are fixed to the front of your teeth are connected with a wire which creates tension, and this is used to gently align your teeth. The wires are attached to the brackets using tiny invisible elastics. Your orthodontist will regularly check your fixed braces and keep tightening and changing the wires to make sure that your braces are moving in the right direction. How long you wear your braces for will depend upon the severity of your case. Some teeth will straighten in a matter of months, others can take up to two years.


Aesthetic fixed braces can treat

Aesthetic fixed braces are popular because they can treat many issues from mild to severe cases. These include:

  • Straighten crooked or protruding teeth
  • Close unwanted gaps in your teeth
  • Fix different bite problems including overbites, underbites, open or cross bites
  • Create space for crowded teeth

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Aesthetic Fixed Braces

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Benefits of Aesthetic Fixed Braces in West Swindon

Having your teeth straightened with aesthetic fixed braces at West Swindon will mean:

  • You can straighten your teeth teeth extremely discreetly
  • Your teeth will be straightened very precisely – fixed braces remain the ultimate way to get your teeth into the exact required position
  • You can be treated for mild orthodontic problems through to the most severe issues including severe overcrowding or an excessively deep overbite
  • Your teeth will be straightened using gentle pressure so you should experience little or no discomfort
  • There is no temptation to remove your braces and interfere with treatment results like some of the more modern methods of teeth straightening
  • Children and adult of all ages can wear these fixed braces
  • You will achieve a dazzling smile and your confidence will be boosted
  • You can have your teeth straightened affordably. We offer interest free finance and payment plans to help you work to your budget
  • Our consultation and personal approach will determine the type of treatment you need and for how long

Frequently asked questions about Aesthetic Fixed Braces

Can I get aesthetic fixed braces on the NHS?

Unfortunately, not. Aesthetic fixed braces cannot be treated under the NHS as they are classed as a cosmetic dental option to straighten teeth. Only the traditional metal fixed braces are available on the NHS and only if you have been referred from a dentist. 

Can you feel the teeth moving when wearing aesthetic fixed braces?

The first couple of days after having your aesthetic fixed brace fitted you may notice pressure on your teeth, and this may feel as if your teeth are shifting or even loose. This is quite normal and shows that your teeth are adjusting to the brace. After those first few days, your teeth should settle, and it will feel more natural to wear your fixed brace. 

Do I need to eat special foods with aesthetic fixed braces?

Most of the time whilst you are having orthodontic treatment you can eat what you want. We suggest only avoiding eating hard sticky foods such as toffee, lollies and caramel as they can break the wires on your braces. You may feel more comfortable cutting up hard and crunchy foods such as apples. At the beginning of treatment and after your orthodontist tightens your brace, you may find that your teeth are more sensitive. During these times you may want to opt for softer foods. It is important to brush and floss after every meal so that food don’t get trapped in your fixed braces. 

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