Orthodontic Fees

at Dentalcare West Swindon

We are no longer accepting cash and cheque as a mode of payment at our practice in West Swindon.

Private fees guide

Whatever your dental treatment requirements, we have a complete choice of high quality private treatments at Dentalcare West Swindon to help maintain and make the most of your smile.

Diagnostic services / emergency

Treatment Fees
New patient examination inc. x-rays from £55.00
Routine examination from £45.00
Emergency appointment inc. x-rays from £55.00
Out of hours emergency appointment** from £135
Panoral radiograph (each) from £15.00
Study models from £60.00
Hygienist Visit (40 Minutes) Direct Access from £80.00
OPG X-ray from £75.00

**£135 (Includes small x-ray) + cost of treatment

Dental Hygiene

Treatment Fees
Hygiene 30 Minutes from £75

Dental Implant Services

Treatment Fees
Standard Implants from £1,800.00
Premium Implants from £3,500.00
High Aesthetic Implants from £4,250.00
SAME DAY TEETH / ALL ON 4/6 from £14,995.00
CT Scan** from £225.00 (per Jaw)
from £300.00 (both Jaws)
Sinus Lift from £1,500-£2,500 Dependent on Size
Temporary Denture from £795.00 per Jaw
Same Day Bridge Construction POA

**Available at select practices

Restorative / preventative services

Treatment Fees
Fissure sealants from £28.00
Silver filling from £62.00
Composite filling from £95.00
Glass Ionomer Filling from £75.00
Veneers from £690.00


Aesthetic Crowns (Depending On Material)

Treatment Fees
Porcelain  Bonded Non Precious Incisor from £550.00
Porcelain  Bonded Non Precious Premolar from £595.00
Porcelain  Bonded Non Precious Molar from £620.00
Porcelain Crown Incisor from £550.00
Porcelain Crown Premolar from £595.00
Porcelain Crown Molar from £620.00
Zirconia Crown Premolar from £700.00
Zirconia Crown Molar from £725.00
Full Or Jacket Crown Non-Precious Metal from £725.00
Emax Crown Molar from £750.00
Emax Crown Premolar from £750.00
Gold Crown Incisor from £750.00
Gold Crown Premolar from £750.00
Gold Crown Molar from £750.00
Crown Recement from £55.00
Root Canal Treatment Incisor from £550.00
Root Canal Treatment Premolar from £550.00
Root Canal Treatment Molar from £550.00


Surgical Services

Treatment Fees
Simple Extractions  from £120.00
Surgical Extractions from £200.00
Wisdom Teeth Extraction from £225.00
Vital Pulpotomy from £80.00
Apicectomy  from £350.00


Treatment Fees
Express from £2580
Lite from £3850
Moderate from £4250
Comprehensive from £4550

Periodontal services

Treatment Fees
Periodontist consultation from £55.00


Treatment Fees
Home teeth whitening from £299.00
Combined in-house & home whitening from £499.00
Pola Home Teeth Whitening from £399.00
Exclusive Boutique Home Teeth Whitening from £399.00


Treatment Fees
Acrylic Denture from £500.00
Flexible Denture from £950.00
Cobalt Chrome Denture from £750.00

Orthodontic Treatments

Treatment Fees
Metal Braces from £1700 – £3900
Ceramic Braces from £2100 – £4490
Metal Braces from £2350 – £4900
Ceramic Braces from £2750 – £5490
Damon Braces from £2300 – £5990
Lite Single Arch from £4500
Lite Double Arch from £7000
Full Double Arch from £10000
Full Single Arch from £6000

Missed appointments information

If you fail to attend a private appointment we will charge you the cost of time spent. We do not charge for NHS failed appointments however policy for missed appointments applies.
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